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2.5 kW Battery-Based Solar System


An all-in-one Outback FLEXpower ONE

built with the best components on the market. Includes VFX-3648 inverter/charger (3,600 watts continuous), FLEXmax MPPT charge controller, MATE 3, HUB, FLEXnet DC and Surge Protector while maintaining a small system footprint. (- Includes 5 year factory warranty from Outback Power.)

Outback Power’s FLEXnet DC monitoring system

provides all critical battery and PV diagnostic information to ensure the system maintains the highest efficiency possible.

Battery Bank

8 - U.S. Battery 6-volt 441 amp hour RE L-16 deep cycle solar specific batteries; with battery watering system to ensure the longest battery life possible. (sealed or lithium batteries also available)

Dedicated Solar Circuits

10 dedicated solar powered circuits pulled from existing service panel, thus giving the ability to switch from grid power to solar power on the fly. - This allows for immediate power consumption savings, and back-up electricity when the grid is down.

Download Spec Sheets

2.5 kW Battery-Based Solar System with Backup Spec Sheet (Front)
2.5 kW Battery-Based Solar System with Backup Spec Sheet (Back)
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