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7.410 kW Grid-Tie System

Duke Energy Customers in North Carolina w/Grid-Tie Systems Now Get Special Rebates!

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Job Description

This system consists of 26) SolarWorld 285 watt American made solar modules with 26) SolarEdge 300 watt Power optimizer's, wireless monitoring and a 7,600 Watt SolarEdge inverter.

TheAeroCompact ballasted roof mounts are perfect for flat roofs and require zero penetrations eliminating the possibility of any leaks. The system is net-metered with Duke Power to provide maximum savings for the homeowner. With this system the homeowner can save over a $110 per month off of their current electric bill.

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These guys can do it. They have lots of options on setting up systems to meet needs. I have found their responsiveness and quality of work to be outstanding.
- Bruce F.