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Commercial Solar

Turn to solar energy if you want to save on utility costs. At Appalachian Energy Solutions we specialize in efficient and cost-effective options allowing for your business to lower their monthly electric consumption while reducing your impact on the environment. Solar installations can also provide a unique marketing opportunity for your company. Benefits of solar energy for your business include:

  • Reduce operating costs

    • Installing commercial solar panels for commercial projects can help reduce monthly energy bills.

  • Lower energy costs for years to come

    • The price of natural gas fluctuates. Solar offers the benefit of a fixed rate.

  • Low maintenance energy systems

    • Often, the only maintenance required is keeping the solar panels clean and free of debris.

  • Decrease your carbon footprint

    • The majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels for residential and commercial usage. Solar energy produces emission free-electricity.

Focusing on sustainability can help grow your business

Choosing to go solar is both a financial and environmental decision. Focusing on sustainability can produce positive effects on your business. Being environmentally conscious will make a strong statement to your customers that you are a trustworthy business that cares for the planet.

More people are going solar than ever before. The sooner you decide to go solar, the more you can save.

System Design

One of our solar specialists will analyze your yearly energy consumption needs and any anticipated additions to your business to design the perfect system for you. All of our systems are designed to provide the maximum return on investment within your budget. We want to work with you to identify the best-value solution for your organization.

Our qualified solar installers can advise you on what specific types of systems will work best given the location of your business.

Financing Available

Loans available with 5-20 year terms | Competitive Interest Rates


Loans available up too 40,000 dollars for residential installations.

This is a non-equity based loan intended for Appalachian Energy Solutions customers seeking financing for renewable home energy projects, such as solar electric systems and small wind turbines. Qualifying renewable energy projects may be paired with other general home improvements, including roofing, window, energy efficiency solutions, garages and much more.

Renewable Energy Financing Now Available For Appalachian Energy Solution Customers !

No equity or appraisal required
100% upfront funding (money is disbursed before you or a contractor begin work)
No prepayment penalties
Flexible loan terms up to 20 years
Fixed rates
Interest and HUD insurance fees may be tax deductible
No seasoning requirements

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These guys can do it. They have lots of options on setting up systems to meet needs. I have found their responsiveness and quality of work to be outstanding.
- Bruce F.