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Advantages of Solar Energy in WNC

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Solar energy is becoming a very popular subject with the "Green Movement" that we are seeing in the world today. The advantages of solar energy might seem very straight forward when it comes to how environmentally friendly the energy source is, however, there are many other of advantages that you may not have thought about on the subject of solar energy and solar panels.

First off lets jump in to the obvious reason of why solar energy is such a great source of power. Solar energy is produced by conducting the sun's radiation. This process does not emit a single trace of green house gases (void of smoke or other chemical by-products). The main driving force behind all green energy technology is exactly that (Zero Green House Gases). The main goal for these green energy technologies is to meet climate change obligations in curbing emissions. There are many examples of communities (Nations) who some have avoided up to 20,000 tonnes per year of carbon emissions from fossil fuel energy productions.

The Energy Which Is Infinite (And Free)


Another driving force (advantage) of solar energy is aside from installation and maintenance, solar energy is without a doubt 100% free. Solar energy does not require any ongoing raw materials such as coal and oil. On a side note the operational labor is significantly lower of the bigger coal and oil facilities.


Decentralization of Power / Off The Grid


Solar energy enables decentralization in most (sunny) areas. This mean that you can have a self-reliant society if need be. Solar power systems can be produced on or off the grid. This means you can keep your house on the state electricity grid while using the power produced by your solar energy system if you wanted to. With off the grid solar energy systems you can depend solely on the sun for your power for you home or business. This is most helpful for people who live in isolated locations.


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