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About Appalachian Energy Solutions

At Appalachian Energy Solutions we offer our customers the most advanced and best quality products in the industry today at the absolute best prices available in Asheville, Waynesville, Greenville and Charlotte, NC . Our installation process and methods are another main concern, we make sure that the end product is fully capable of suiting the customers every need as well as being as aesthetically pleasing as possible. By taking these steps and truly listening to our customers we can ensure a finished product that is going to provide the home owner with many years of stress free usage.

As professional Asheville solar installers, we strive to make the design and installation process as easy and hassle free as possible to our customers. Were are here to listen and accommodate the customers needs on an individual bases and available for questions at any time. At Appalachian Energy Solutions we fully realize that the design and installation of your Photovoltaic System is only one part of the project and education on your installed system is crucial. 

We offer a one year free scheduled maintenance plan in which we will take the customer through the full maintenance process to ensure they know all the in's and out's of there system.  We want you to be happy with your local Asheville solar installer and we will make sure of it.


Advantages of Solar

Solar energy has become a popular buzzword not only within the "Green Movement" but increasingly in mainstream media.  With solar powers popularization, due to increased availability and productivity, it is important to understand its numerous benefits.

An obvious benefit to solar power is that it’s produced by the sun's radiation, an infinite and renewable resource.  Unlike fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) which are finite and increasingly more expensive to extract, solar power will always be readily available.  Another advantage of solar power is that it will reduce harmful emission levels in order to meet national/global climate change obligations.  Harnessing solar energy does not emit harmful greenhouse gases such as CO2 into the atmosphere which are proven to rapidly increase the rate of global warming.

The Infinite (And Free) Energy Source

Solar energy is 100% free aside from the cost of installation and minimal maintenance.  Since solar energy does not require any ongoing raw materials such as coal or oil, operational labor is significantly lower. 

The Energy Which Is Infinite (And Free) 

Another driving force (advantage) of solar energy is aside from installation and maintenance, solar energy is without a doubt 100% free. Solar energy does not require any ongoing raw materials such as coal and oil. On a side note the operational labor is significantly lower of the bigger coal and oil facilities.

Decentralization of Power / Off The Grid 

Solar energy is a viable, decentralized energy source provided the area receives adequate sunlight.   Since solar energy is non-reliant upon the grid, energy independence is possible to allow for a self-reliant home.  Provided there are enough solar panels and adequate sunlight, a home or business could be entirely powered by solar energy.  This is especially useful for people living in isolated locations or people seeking to go off-grid.  

Grid-Tied Systems

While solar energy systems can be decentralized and off-the-grid, the majority of systems are grid tied.  This means homes/businesses remain on the electrictrical grid while drawing a portion of their power from the solar energy produced by the panels.  These grid-tied systems even have the opportunity to sell power back to the energy company, provided the panels produce an excess of power surplus to the requirements of the home/business.

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