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Residential & Commercial Solar Design & Installation

Appalachian Energy Solutions, a solar company based out of WNC and Greenville, specializes in battery based solar systems and grid-tie solar systems. We design and fabricate solar systems based on your needs and location. We serve North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

Solar Design & Installation

Solar energy has become a popular buzzword not only within the "Green Movement" but increasingly in mainstream media. With solar powers popularization, due to increased availability and productivity, it is important to understand its numerous benefits.

An obvious benefit to solar power is that it’s produced by the sun's radiation, an infinite and renewable resource. Unlike fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) which are finite and increasingly more expensive to extract, solar power will always be readily available. Another advantage of solar power is that it will reduce harmful emission levels in order to meet national/global climate change obligations. Harnessing solar energy does not emit harmful greenhouse gases such as CO2 into the atmosphere which are proven to rapidly increase the rate of global warming. Solar energy is 100% free aside from the cost of installation and minimal maintenance. Since solar energy does not require any ongoing raw materials such as coal or oil, operational labor is significantly lower.

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