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Top 10 Reasons To Invest In Solar Energy For Your Home In 2019

1. A Renewable Source Of Energy

solar asheville nc

Fossil fuel is a resource that is continually running out...whereas the Sun is an infinite provider of energy! Your house can be fueled....wait for it....FOREVER! How is that for a resource?

2. Government Incentives

solar power asheville

A HUGE benefit recent decisions to lift the cap on tax incentive when purchasing solar power systems, as well as extending the 30% credit, makes purchasing a solar system a no-brainer! Throw on top that your state and utilities off incentives / rebates for using an alternative power source as well! Combine the two, and you can easily get 80% of the cost of buying your solar system back.

3. A Low Maintenence Cost

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Other than the occasional Annual Maintenance by a technician - the overall maintenance of a solay system is little to none! You only need to do the occasional cleaning.

4. Dependability and Durability

solar energy asheville nc

Most panels provid a 20 to 30 year warrenty, which is a starting sign of how durable a Solar Energy system can be. There are very few, if no moving parts, and if they are kept up, and maintained, they can last you even longer!

5. Reduce Your Power Grid Dependence

solar panels asheville nc

Enjoy the convenience of electricity, coupled with living off the grid. Get away from Utility bills, and slowly untangle your life from being dependant on someone else. How beautiful is that?

6. It Will Increase Your Home Value

solar panels asheville

A study conducted by ICF Consulting in 1998 determined that every $1 saved on energy consumption or cost adds $20 to the home’s value. Thus, if you were able to save at least $500 in a year, your home value would have increased by $10,000.

7. You Can Generate Profit

solar power asheville nc

Not using all of the energy you have accumulated? Guess what? You can sell that energy back through the Net Metering program. Contact your local power companies to find out more!

8. There Is No Noise When Producing Energy

solar companies asheville nc

There is no noise created while using Solar panels. Your family can rest easily without the noise of a generator bothering you, and your neighbors at all hours.

9. It Is Environmentally Friendly

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This is the most important aspect of using renewable energy. As a Nation, and much more on a Global scale, using energy that is green is of vast importance. Reducing pollution, while saving money is the greatest combo ever!

10. New and Affordable Technology

solar energy greenville sc

As the technologies become more effecient, and available, the cost of solar systems are becomming more affordable. Contact Powell with Appalachian Energy Solutions to find out how we can help you today!


Can you think of any other reasons to include renewable green energy solutions into your home? Post them below and keep this green train rolling!

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