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What Size Solar Power System Do I Need?

Depending on how much electricity you use with determine what size system you will actually need. You could take two homes of the same size and energy consumption could be substantially diverse. Due to this, they would both need a system that matches their needs. The main source of energy consumption comes from things such as A/C, electric heaters, pools, and other heating elements or motors.

With that said, take your average 2,500 sq. ft. single-family home which typically uses around 5,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. An AC system will generate nearly all the energy required for a home just described on an annual basis. A PV system, on the other hand, can be installed being slightly over-sized to allow growth of a home. Take note that when a system produces more energy than what is actually being used the leftovers are fed back into the grid and will actually be credited back to your utility account! This program is called net-metering and should be looked into for any solar power enthusiast.

Due to the fact that solar power uses the sun to generate electricity positioning an array should face south and have nothing obstructing the sun's rays from reaching the solar panel. Things such as trees to other structure that produce shading with significantly lower energy production. The best way to calculate what size system is right for you is to contact a Solar Consultant at a free site analysis, or we'd would love to help assist you in your new solar power system.

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