Duke Energy Customers w/Grid-Tie Solar Systems Now Get Special Rebates!

up to $6k/yr

up to $50k/yr

up to $75k/yr

Our Mission

Our mission at Appalachian Energy Solutions is to provide the most professional, efficient, and cost effective solar installations in the Carolina's. The time is now to benefit from this amazing technology and harness the sun’s energy! Just remember we are the official "Solar Installers of Asheville & Greenville" so feel free to give us a call at (828) 400-8673.

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The efficiency of our systems at Appalachian Energy Solutions is of paramount importance. We strive to maintain the highest level of efficiency possible. Efficiency is maintained by properly sizing all wires and using the best available components in the industry. This ensures the homeowner receives full usage/value from their investment.

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Tax Benefits

All of our systems are eligible for the 30% Federal tax credit. There is no better time than now to take advantage of these amazing tax credits to even further sweeten your solar experience! http://www.dsireusa.org/ - For more information, visit this link.

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Special rebates for Duke Energy customers

It is finally official! Duke energy customers are eligible for a very significant rebate on Grid-Tied solar installations!

$$$ Residential 60¢/watt rebate save up to $6,000/year

$$$$ Commercial 50¢/watt rebate save up to $50,000/year

$$$$$ Non-Profit 75¢/watt rebate save up to $75,000/year

Start Saving Now!
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These guys can do it. They have lots of options on setting up systems to meet needs. I have found their responsiveness and quality of work to be outstanding.
- Bruce F.